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Welcome to Beebe Hockey Camp 2016

Our staff of current professional hockey players and coaches is excited to welcome you to our 4th summer of hockey camps! Meet and skate with some of your favorite pro players, treat yourself to new equipment through our sponsor discounts, learn about what it takes to be a great hockey player, but most of all we promise you'll leave our camp with a smile on your face. 

Important Information

Rules of camp:

1. Respect all coaches, fellow campers, and rink staff. 

2. Always be on time. That includes you too parents!

3. The rink, locker rooms, and lunch areas will always be left as clean as the start of day 1. We provide lunch, you provide clean up!

4. Bring proper camp equipment: Full set of hockey gear, athletic shoes and clothing, water bottle, a positive attitude, and anything else you need to be successful.

5. Everyone at camp is here to get better. We will build each other up and support each other at all times!

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